Genting Dream, Hong Kong

Passports, check! Travel Documents check!
Camera, battery packs, wallet, check! check! check!

We left home excited and were looking forward to our first trip to Hong Kong. We’re big fans of all things Asian, so visiting a part of Asia closer to Mainland China had us excited. After a 60 minute ride to the airport, and breezing through security and immigration (carry on baggage for the win!), we sat down at the Cathay Pacific lounge waiting to board our flight. A short while later, we hear the boarding call and we hopped on board! Fast forward 6 hours later, we landed in Hong Kong and checked in to the Premium Plaza Lounge to charge our phones, have a quick shower, snacked on the breakfast buffet at the lounge and then headed out to the city center for a while since we had a few hours to kill before we could board the cruise. 🙂 A few dimsum and a couple of bubble waffles later, we were all set to head to the Kai Terminal to board the Genting Dream.

It was a bright sunny day and the thought of cruising through the Southern China Sea was beginning to get real. We couldn’t contain ourselves, we were inching closer to our first stay onboard a cruise ship, The Genting Dream by Dream Cruises.

Next stop, the Kai Tak Terminal. 😀

The old Hong Kong Airport (Kai Tak Terminal) has been repurposed to now serve as the terminal for ships and was the boarding point for our cruise. We reached the terminal earlier than expected, the ship hadn’t reached port yet, so we had to wait a while before could go through security and immigration.

Then the moment arrived, we could see the Genting Dream sail closer to us. It was surreal. The ship was huge and breathtakingly stunning. Vibrant and oozing with style, it was mammoth! 😀 No one could take their eyes off her. Soon people flooded to the glass walls of the terminal to take pictures and selfies. And by sunset the cruise just transformed into a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors and visual effects; thanks to the sophisticated lights that were setup on the balconies on board the ship.

DreamCruises ensured that we were given special attention for smooth embarkation. There were several entrances to board the ship and every gate was perfectly manned by the crew to ensure each passenger clears the guest list and made their way to their respective cabins. We were smiling from ear to ear as we entered the ship with staff welcoming us and guiding us to the right deck.

The entrance to the ship was spectacular and don’t even get us started about the decor. We were simply awestruck by the scale of everything on board. A destination on it’s own, the Genting Dream opened to us a doorway and a whole new perception of grandeur. Specced out better than most five star hotels, the attention to detail was immaculate. Starting from the carpeting, where floral designs guided you to front or the back of the ship to larger than life chandeliers. This ship was huge! 18 decks high, the Genting Dream really impressed us with its decor and we could hardly wait to find what all was in store for us during this trip.

Quick fact: The Genting Dream is 335 meters in length and 40 meters wide. It houses 1674 beautiful staterooms with an unbelievable capacity of 3352 guests and with 2016 crew. (No wonder we were so well taken care of.) WOW!

After checking into our cabin, we headed out for dinner. With 44 restaurants, bars and eateries to choose from; we found ourselves spoilt for choice! Soon we decided to try the buffet at Dream Dining.

Dream Dining (Upper Deck)

Dream Dining (Lower Deck)

Dream Dining is a multi cuisine restaurant that can be accessed from the 7th and the 8th deck. The upper level served a set menu for lunch and dinner while the lower level served buffet style. We decided to try Dream Dining (lower). The dining area is huge and it accommodates over a 1000 people. The spread looked amazing! It had meats, seafood, noodles, soups, rice and also had a western section that served pizzas, burgers, hot dogs, a variety of bread, salad, fruits and dessert. It also had a bar that was located in the middle of the dining area.

Here’s what we had.

Noodle Soup, Tofu, Prawns, Rice and Veggies

Virtually everything we tried was delicious. We were pretty skeptical on how food on a cruise would taste like but we were not disappointed. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal. We were pleasantly surprised to see Indian servers who specially made Indian food for some of the guests on board. We tasted some of the Indian fare and it was really good! So all those who think they’ll crave Indian food on board can be rest assured, you’ll be well taken care of. 🙂

We know a lot of our Indian friends who are strict vegetarians and are apprehensive of venturing to a Eastern Asia or South East Asian country because of the food. But on Genting Dream even the breakfast buffet had an elaborate Indian (veg) spread that even the Chinese patrons seemed to enjoy! So one need not worry about the food onboard. They will spoil you silly!

The next day started off with an elaborate breakfast at Lido, one of Genting Dream’s big all-day-dining restaurants. We saw guests enjoy some healthy and delicious breakfast delights with a massive spread of Western, Chinese and Indian breakfast options. They also serve lunch, dinner and a late night supper for the guests on the ship.

Eggs, Bacon, Sausages, Waffles, Pancakes, Ham, Mantao Buns, Dumplings, Scallion Pancakes, Baos, Soy Milk, Noodles and Juice

The pictures will show you the wide variety of food served and we really enjoyed trying the Chinese breakfast. We absolutely loved the Scallion Pancakes, Youtiaos aka Chinese crullers and Mantao Buns with soy milk, the plump Pork and Chicken dumplings and baos.

We knew our day would be fun and that it would be spent well exploring the gigantic ship and made the most of the time we had on board. Our onboard tour guide gave us a tour of the main areas of the ship. She was courteous, well trained and happened to be from Mumbai too. It was virtually impossible for us to complete touring the whole ship on foot in a span of 3 hours; however she managed to give us a glimpse of all the important, interesting and must visit areas of the ship. Some were even given exclusive access meant for VVIPs. It was amazing how a ship could house so many recreational areas. There was literally something for everyone.

As food bloggers, we wanted to ensure that we had enough time to showcase the best restaurants and the absolute must haves. So for lunch we chose renowned Australian Chef Mark Best’s restaurant to dine at.

Mark’s Bistro is a haven for diners who sophistication, elegance and truly great food. Our dining experience at Chef Mark Best’ s first restaurant at sea was nothing short of extraordinary. The concise and to the point menu boasts of the culinary artistry of the internationally acclaimed Chef Mark Best and promises to give you his contemporary rendition of western favourites.

We were really thrilled to have our meal there. The highlight of dining at this restaurant is that they serve Miyako Beef – the finest and one of the best tasting wagyu beef from Miyakojima, Japan. It is also called the Phantom Wagyu Beef, known for it’s melt-in-your-mouth texture and succulently distinguished flavour. A definite must have!

We started off by breaking bread. Quite literally as they served one of our favourite flavour combinations on bread – Parmesan and Paprika! It was crusty, chewy and so flavourful. This simple Parmesan and Paprika bread was an indicator of the level at which this restaurant operates. Brilliant! The amuse bouche that was served to us was Parma Ham wrapped in thinly sliced Melon. Classic, light and very delicious.

Our entree was a warm bowl of Cauliflower Soup with Spring Onion Oil. It was mild, the spring onion oil added freshness and definitely amped the flavour of the cauliflower. It was a brilliant Asian touch to the soup. We also had the Alaskan King Crab Salad, which was served on baby Lettuce leaves that acted as wrappers. The salad was simple, with generous portions of chunky crab meat. The lettuce leaves were fresh and added that perfect crunch. It was everything you want a simple salad to taste like. Fresh, and full of natural flavours.

For main course we had the Grilled Iberico Pork Chop and and Australian Flank Steak. Both were served on a bed of sautéed mushrooms with a side of a potato gratin slice. The meats were cooked perfectly. 😀 The mushrooms were a really good addition, the Jus was rich and flavourful.

Our dessert was a bowl of the most perfect Panna Cotta we’ve ever had. It was served with a blueberry Coulis. Simply superb! This restaurant is a must visit when you cruise through the Southern China Sea on the majestic Genting Dream.

For dinner we opted for a more theatrical experience with Umi Uma, Genting Dream’s Teppanyaki restaurant that serves amazing Japanese food! The whole experience of Chefs juggling food, making music with knives, interacting with the guests while cooking delicious food is an absolute sensory treat! We had the Teppanyaki Combo ‘Dream Ocean Shinto’ (Sea Scallops & Jumbo Shrimp). Starting with a miso soup and crunchy cucumber salad, we were really excited for our live teppanyaki experience. The chef began by introducing himself and how he would use simple ingredients like salt, pepper, garlic, soy sauce and butter as seasoning for our meal.

His comic timing and choreography on the grill maintained the smiles on our faces and had us clapping and cheering throughout the meal. He started off by grilling Prawns and Scallops followed by vegetables and then made fried rice that was shaped like a heart. 🙂 The eggs were rolled into a “snake shape” before it was added to the rice. The whole experience was delightful and the food was so delicious that it still makes us want to go back for more. This meal was perfect. 🙂

The dessert was exceptional! We had the coconut Pancake with Icecream and a Matcha Cake.

Post dinner we left to witness the mystical love story of an Astronaut and a Mermaid with the spectacular show – The Voyage of a Lover’s Dream at the Zodiac Theatre. It was simply magical! The production quality and the larger than life performance left us in awe. The sound and light, it was nothing like we’ve ever experienced before. Even though the show was primarily in Cantonese, we could understand every scene. The artist performed with such flair. A must see for everyone onboard. It was out of this world. 🙂

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay onboard the Genting Dream. Being our first experience on a cruise ship, it surpassed all our expectations with regard to hospitality, service, food and entertainment. The Genting Dream is a beautiful cruise ship and feels nothing short of a luxurious 5 star hotel at sea. Its decor oozes sophistication, style and luxury, giving guests an experience they will cherish for a lifetime. We enjoyed every single meal we had on board. With cuisines like Chinese, Thai, Malay, Japanese, Western and Indian, we were spoilt for choice with amazing selection of restaurants to choose from. So Indians who are apprehensive about travelling without the comfort of Indian food can be rest assured to be well taken care of. The variety of Indian food options at breakfast alone will put a smile on your face at the start of your day!

Genting Dream, is another world on its own where the sun never set and the fun seems to fade. We saw people of all age groups enjoying themselves with recreational activities, games, music, casinos, shopping and the list goes on and on. We had an amazing time and would encourage everyone to try it, as it’s worth every buck spent. You’re not only transported away into the calmness and serenity of the ocean but also into an experience that you will cherish forever. 🙂

August Moon Festival, China Inc – Taj Santacruz Mumbai


Having celebrated Joash’s birthday a week ago, dining at China Inc at Taj Santacruz was a perfect way to end what was already an awesome week. We were so happy to be back, this time, to kickstart the mid-autumn festivities. Interestingly, the August Moon Festival is the second most celebrated festival in China after the Chinese New Year. Taj Santacruz Mumbai have once again come up with a promotion that celebrates just that.

The menu for this festival is specially designed to showcase the seasonal ingredients with a few favourites that everyone absolutely loves at China Inc.

We started off with an amuse bouche, which gave us a preview of how the rest of our meal was going to pan out. Here’s what we had and we highly recommend you to try these too.

Vegetable and Cheese Dumpling

Spinach and Crab Crystal Dumpling

Crispy Pumpkin Roll

Who doesn’t love a box of steaming hot dimsum? This menu has a clever mix of dim sum, with steamed dumplings, deep fried rolls and pan fried options. It would be difficult to pick out a favourite as they were all equally outstanding. At China Inc, we definitely saw more refinement in the way dumplings were made than before and boy they were sumptuous! The Crispy Pumpkin Roll and the Spinach and Crab Crystal dumplings are an absolute must have!

Crispy Supreme with Lemon Sauce

Lotus Root stuffed with Glutinous Rice

Silken Tofu with Tangy Peanut Sesame Dressing

Mountain Chilli Chicken

Mushroom in Black Pepper Sauce

Turnip Cakes

Winter Melon and Morel Broth

Peking Chicken Soup

Crispy Prawns with Oats and Curry Leaves

For appetizers, the Crispy Crumb Supreme served with Lemon Sauce had us weak at the knees; and the Lotus Root stuffed with Glutinous Rice left us wanting more. Both these dishes definitely stood out from all of the appetizers we tried. If you fancy soups, the light Winter Melon and Morel Broth is a clear winner. We just couldn’t stop ourselves from smiling when our favourite Prawns with Oats and Curry Leaves was served, some temptations are just hard to resist! If you haven’t tried this dish at China Inc, then we just gave you another reason to visit this beautiful restaurant.

Sautéed Crab with Snow White Bean Threads

Stir Fried Udon Noodles in Burnt Chilli, Black Bean and Vegetables

Wok Tossed Sticky Rice, Marbled Egg served in Lotus Leaf

Seasonal Vegetables in Lemon Chilli Sauce

The mains were simple yet so brilliantly put together. What we love about China Inc is how they treat each ingredient and showcase it’s honest flavours without being heavy on spices or sauces. The Wok-tossed Sticky Rice with marbled Eggs served in Lotus leaf is perfumed with a hint of truffle and simply elevates eating each spoonful a pure delight. The Sticky Rice went really well with the Chilli Hoisin Chicken and the seasonal vegetables in Lemon Chilli Sauce. Another favourite of ours for the evening was the Sautéed Crab Meat with Snow White Mung Bean Threads. Sublime!

We paired our meal with a bottle of ‘Nik Weis St Urbana-Hof’ Riesling.

King Longans


Sago Pudding

What’s an August Moon Festival without Mooncakes?! We enjoyed Moon Cake, which was a part of the dessert trio. It was simply scrumptious; crumbly on the outside, and dense with red bean goodness on the inside. (We’ve got a soft spot for moon cakes 😀 ) The red bean filling makes it perfect for those who enjoy their dessert with just a hint of sweetness. The King Longans were nice and the delicate flavours of the Coconut Sago Pudding was just the perfect way to end our meal.

This special menu is a perfect blend of the flavours of authentic Chinese cuisine during the harvest season. Chef Vikram Milhoutra’s team have yet again done an amazing job in executing these dishes. Every dish not only looked picture perfect but tasted absolutely delicious; Rarely do we have a meal where we’ve been impressed with every single dish that we’ve eaten. QWe highly recommend you to try the August Moon Festival at China Inc, Taj Santacruz. It lasts till the 9th of October, 2017.

Golden Dragon, Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai and Ming Yang, Taj Lands End Mumbai are also celebrating this festival with a special menu.

By The Mekong, St. Regis Mumbai


Firstly, we’d like to start with congratulating Chef Shi Xilin and his team at By The Mekong for winning the Times Food & Wine award for the Best Thai Fine Dine Restaurant.

In the first week of February, we were at By The Mekong to try the special menu that was curated by Chef Shi Xilin– Chef de cuisine; showcasing the choicest recipes from his family that celebrated Chicken in the best way possible. It was fun chatting with Chef Xilin about his experience with The Taj hotels and how his cuisine combines traditional and regional flavours served to suit the Indian palate. He’s had an amazing culinary journey over twenty years yet has the most humble demeanour. He also absolutely enjoys talking about his passion for food.
We also tried a bunch of dishes from the main menu and a few personal favourites that Chef Xilin recommended. Here are a few snippets of our meal.

We were the first to try out the new menu at By The Mekong. Simply put, it is outstanding and our taste buds were left tantalized. What a transformation!

The new menu has been revamped and the new format is a welcome change. Earlier the menu was divided into three parts – Chinese | Thai | Vietnamese, but now it’s all combined and it reflects the best of the three cuisines. It is designed to keep things simple, yet give guests a unique culinary experience of authentic flavours presented in a fresh, modern and contemporary way. We were pleasantly surprised and had no idea how much we’d end up enjoying our meal. 🙂

Chef Himanshu Taneja, the newly appointed Culinary Director was there to ensure we had a great time. Spearheaded by Chef Xilin, the team really surprised us with the food that was served. There was a stark contrast in the look; the appeal and the combination of flavours, and we were really impressed.

We started off with dumplings. We had the Chilean Sea Bass dumpling with Polenta, Prawn with Ossetra Caviar and Spic Sichuan Chicken with Green Onion Oil. The Chilean Seabass dumpling was delicious. We expected it to be a lil fatty and wondered how it would taste in the dumping as the fat could be a little overwhelming. But it was perfectly made and was not at all fatty.  The dumpling wrapper was topped with Polenta, which gave it a nice textural mouthfeel.

We also really enjoyed the Prawn dumpling topped with Ossetra Caviar and the Spicy Sichuan Chicken dumpling, also topped with Ossetra Caviar. The Ossetra Caviar, made it extra special. One thing is for certain, caviar paired with a dumpling, absolutely works. 🙂 We loved the bright red color of the chicken dumplings. What would really visually elevate the experience of eating these two dumplings is if the server garnished the dumpling with the caviar using a mother of pearl spoon at the table instead them arriving at the table already topped with caviar.

The next dish was one of our favourites. Roasted Prawn with Thai Chilli Paste. A dish with amazing textures and was a perfect combination of spicy, sour and sweet. The prawns were cooked to the T. Usually Tiger prawns can end up rubbery and tough if overcooked but this was oh so tender and juicy, and we loved the crunch of the raw onion slices. Chef Himanshu shared with us the long list of ingredients that went in to making this dish. While some may be put off by the lemongrass and red chilli slices and may want to take it off the prawn; TRUST US you really want to savour every single ingredient in the prawn shell. This dish was executed really well. Kudos to the Chef!

The Barbecued Black Pepper and Kaffir Lamb Chops were brilliant. Served with roasted Asparagus, Shimeji Mushroom and Snow Peas, the lamb had a beautiful char and glaze. It was the first time we had it flavoured with kaffir lime leaves. Loved how both the dishes were served on a mini grill. I love my red meats medium rare, and these were well done, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying it. 🙂

Next, we tried the Banana Leaf wrapped Himalayan Trout, Chef’s Special Sauce. Perfectly cooked with an amazing smoky flavour, we loved how fresh and spicy it was and it absolutely got our taste buds tingling. Glad to see that it was deboned as dishes that are served with bones; makes it messy to enjoy. We had it with Udon Noodles with Vegetables and it went really well.

By The Mekong has really upped their game with their dessert! Chef Yogendra served us two desserts, Chocolate Textures and Ms. Berry. Not revealing what the dessert would look like or how it’d taste; we were in for quite a surprise. Both desserts looked stunning.

The Chocolate Texture, as the name suggests, had a mélange of textures that celebrated Chocolate on a plate. This dessert had a perfect quenelle of chocolate ice-cream, a cold molten chocolate surprise, chocolate cigars, pieces of chocolate cake, chocolate and Feulletine kissed with more chocolate. It was any chocolate lover’s dream come true.

Ms. Berry was one of the prettiest desserts we’ve ever seen. Vibrant colors and berries made it look picture perfect. It had blue berries, black berries, red currants and meringue kisses strategically placed on both sides of the blueberry mousse. It was refreshing and the tart berries helped cut through the sweetness of the dessert. Both desserts were plated excellently. Kudos to Chef Yogendra.

We’re fans of the new menu. Not just from a cuisine point of view, but we also like how there’s a certain freshness about the dishes being featured. Without pulling away from authentic flavours, Chef Xilin and his team have managed to make it modern and contemporary. It’s a welcome change and we’re sure By The Mekong will attract foodies looking for a change from the classic Asian fare of gravies and stir fries which can get boring at times. The plating is fabulous and we love everything about it. We wish Chef Xilin and his team all the very best with this new menu!

China INC, Taj Santacruz

Our first visit to Taj, Santacruz left us awestruck with its modern yet palatial decor with splashes of vibrant colors. Each restaurant here is uniquely designed keeping in mind the overall architecture of the hotel. Interestingly, the whole hotel celebrates light with chandeliers that are found in various shapes, sizes and colors throughout the building. We were thoroughly impressed with the double ceiling and the massive hand blown glass chandeliers at the lobby; it’s the first thing you notice the moment you walk into the hotel, and it made us go “whoa!”

We immediately reached for our phones to snap a few pictures. 🙂



When you enter China INC, you are sure to be mesmerized with the Dragon that is suspended from the ceiling. Made out of hand blown glass bulbs, this piece is already finding it’s way to every selfie that is clicked at China INC. The restaurant surely has great lighting and the warm tones of yellow sets a nice mood. We were seated in the private dining area that had round tables. We were warmly welcomed by Executive Chef, Vikas Milhoutra and Executive Sous, Chef Nitin Minocha. We also met the General Manager Mr Pankaj Sampat. After a brief introduction we were shown to our table.

The theme our dinner at China INC. was to celebrate the flavours of Sichuan, known to be one of the four great traditions of Chinese cuisine. The prominent traits of Sichuan cuisine are best described as Spicy, Hot, Fresh and Fragrant. And our dinner reflected just that.




We started off with a tall glass of IL Grigio Spumante that paired superbly with the dimsum and appetizers that were served. China INC has some signature cocktails that really complement the flavours of Sichuan cuisine. We tried a Rum based cocktail that had whole Sichuan pepper corns it; the hint of pepper made it irresistibly delicious. Even the wines that were served were paired keeping in mind the Indian palate and how it reacted with the cuisine. We had the Bibi Graetz Casamatta Rosso (red wine), Tenuta San Guido – Scaia (white wine) that the Sommelier recommended for our meal. It was impressive seeing an Asian restaurant pair wines so brilliantly to enhance an eating experience; even their signature in-house cocktails are flavoured with Asian spices and ingredients and complement the cuisine well.






We were then served some delectable and lipsmacking dimsum and appetizers that created a riot of flavours and textures in our mouths. We absolutely loved how the food served had authentic Sichuan flavours yet were contemporary and modern. The menu at China INC sings of Cantonese & Sichuan flavours with dishes primarily from the Xiao Bao region of Shanghai. We loved the Chilli Butter Garlic Prawns and almost all of the of dimsum that we tried. We were impressed!

Two dishes that were definite stand-outs were the Edamame and Truffle dumpling and the Chilean Sea Bass dumpling. We also had Spiced Chicken dumplings and fluffy Spicy Coriander and Vegetable Baos. Good stuff. We then had a Chef’s special preparation called Crispy Fried Prawns with Oats and Curry Leaves; created to add in a new dimension of flavour, we felt it kinda missed the mark as an item on the ‘China INC.’ menu simply because the inclusion of curry leaves in an Asian dish felt quite out of place. But we absolutely loved it as a dish; the prawns were cooked perfectly and the oats made it super crunchy.


Another crunchy appetizer to die for was the Calamari that was served with Roasted Garlic. Absolutely yum. The beautifully cooked Shimeji Mushrooms with Green Beans and dried Red Chillies would melt any mushroom lover’s heart instantly. We love subtle flavours that hero the main ingredients in a dish and this did just that. Even Chef Nitin Minocha mentioned how the food industry is progressing towards enhancing flavours in such a way that the vegetable or the protein used is showcased to its truest form. Every dish reflected that. The stories of his culinary journey and his insight about the ingredients, techniques and the cuisine spoke volumes of his rich experience at Taj.


The next dish was Spicy Lemon & Coriander Soup; delicious, light and flavourful. The fragrance of lemon and coriander was refreshing and the balance of flavours was to the t. The oh so subtle hint of spice was comforting, and we really enjoyed the bold textures of the black and white fungus, pearls of edamame beans and goji berries with each spoonful. Perfect for a rainy day. We did notice that the Mantou Bun that was supposed to come with the soup was missing though.



The mains arrived with a bang! Make some noise for the Chilean Sea Bass. It was perfect. The fish, served on a bed of fragrant red sauce, was steamed to perfection. Another favourite was the Stir Fried Sliced Lamb made in Yunnan style with Red Chillies and Chinese Celery. What a brilliant dish! The lamb just melts in your mouth, and your palate is coated with heat from the Chillies and you then taste the chinese celery which has very distinct flavour. Even the vegetarian dishes shone brilliantly, be it Seasonal Vegetable with Black Pepper Sauce or the Stewed Bean Curd “Ma Po” style with vegetable in Chili Bean Sauce. Packed with flavours and textures, these surely are definite must haves. You cannot leave China INC without tasting the Kai Lan, a chinese vegetable similar to Broccoli, also know as Broccolini. It has thin long stalks. The dish that was served to us was Kai Lan stired fried with chillies and garlic. It was treated so beautifully and carefully retaining all it’s natural flavour so that one enjoys the vegetable without it’s flavours being dominated with heavy sauces or spices. It was simple yet absolutely delicious. We were served Clay pot cooked rice with Assorted Mushrooms and Five Spice. So happy to taste our favourite Morels with a hint of Chinese 5 spice with the smokey rice. The Udon Noodles made in-house was strictly OK.


For dessert we had Batter Fried Milk Cake with Chilled Rambutan and Condensed Milk. The milk cake was deep fried to a lovely golden brown color, was super hot and did manage to shock our tongues with the heat, but as soon as you tuck into the juicy and fleshy Rambutan that is chilled, you understand what the chef is trying to achieve. It has contrast of textures and temperatures; combine all three and you would taste a beautiful balance and intensity of sweetness. It was a clean neat dessert.

China INC truly celebrates the Land of the Dragon. Being fans of Asian food, this tasting was surely a treat to our senses. The courses definitely had a rhythm to it, balancing flavours and textures that hit the perfect note with every dish that was served. There were a few misses but can be completely ignored as the other dishes were simply mind blowing. The importance of treating each ingredient with respect and executing it in a way that showcases their true flavour is something that the chefs have achieved at China INC. We had a wonderful time and will definitely be back for more.

Grand Hyatt Mumbai

2015 was a fun year!


We were awarded the IFBA award for Best Restaurant Review Blog, we got married (woohoo), and finally kicked off something we’ve been waiting for for a long time… We added in a ‘Travel’ section to our blog. 🙂

We started off with Goa in January, and we’ve got Calcutta, Chennai, Pune and Kerala on our calendar this year.

We got married on the 26th of December 2015 in a very private ceremony with just 12 people on the guest-list. So we were really happy that Grand Hyatt, Mumbai decided to host us for three days just a day after our wedding. We’ve had some of our most memorable dining experiences at their restaurants, so this just made it extra special.

We were won over with all the attention and warm greetings we got from the Hyatt associates upon our arrival. From day one we were made to feel like we were the only occupants in the entire hotel. But it was not just us, the staff there made sure that all the guests were treated warmly in a genuine way.



Let us take you through the property! First, the ascending stairway to the lobby gives you a glimpse of how ‘grand’ it is going to get. Modern architecture fused with contemporary art makes for some really cool décor; all while fulfilling that expected 5-star flair. I have always wished to be around the team that handles the interiors; would love to watch them list, buy and place the beautiful pieces that adorn a 5 star hotel. Grand Hyatt, Mumbai has an impressive collection that of over 100 pieces of art. The hotel’s public area, sections of the lobbies and restaurants sort of transform into unique art galleries with specially commissioned installations curated by various artists.


photo 3

photo 4

photo 5




Our room. We were put up at a Grand Executive Suite. As you enter, you find yourself in a very cozy living room with a work desk and a window that gives you a good view of the city. The bath area looked really neat with the bathtub and shower, robes, toiletries, and everything required to ensure that you feel pampered at any given time of the day. Ah the Himalayan Bath Salts just works wonders if you just want to soak in and relax.

To our surprise, Grand Hyatt had a lovely bottle of Champagne placed in a bucket of ice, with two slender flutes and a platter of yummy chocolate cupcakes at our arrival. There was also a box of assorted chocolates that made us smile. We had three lovely days ahead of us and we couldn’t wait for it to begin.


photo 1

photo 2


First stop! Lunch at Fifty Five East. Fifty Five East (FFE) remains one of our favourite restaurants in the city for brunches and buffets. With Indian, Thai, Lebanese and Japanese cuisine, you are spoilt for choice when you’re dining at FFE. The Big Brunch Sundays are the best thing to happen to any food lover. With a 50% discount on the rates, one can really enjoy their Sunday with a large group of friends or colleagues. They’ve also got a 20% off on online reservations all through the week. This time we had a light lunch though, had some amazing Sushi and Japanese food. Their Miso soup is to die for.

After lunch and a quick nap, we headed out for a tour of the hotel. We were mesmerized by the expanse of the property and how simple, yet artistic and modern the architecture was. The pieces of art in this hotel will have art lovers thoroughly engrossed; it is so beautifully showcased without disturbing the theme of the hotel. We were impressed to find out that the Grand Hyatt Plaza shopping center is spread over 100,000sq.ft. Be it haute couture, fine watches, exquisite jewellery and accessories, international fashion brands and lifestyle products, the Grand Hyatt Plaza opens doors to a whole new world of shopping. And hey, there’s an ATM too!




We passed by the Gourmet Store and reminded each other to stop by later for their Signature Cold Coffee. We were told that it was something we had to try during our stay. We came back. Wow! We really recommend the Signature Cold Coffee. Their salads and sandwiches are hearty, healthy and delicious. The deli is stocked with an amazing selection of cheeses and cold meats; and even buy flowers. The choices seem endless. I reminisced of the time I used to rush to the Gourmet Store after work to pick up chocolate truffles for Joash. It made us smile. 🙂


The next day started off with breakfast at Fifty Five East. Our first big breakfast as a newly married couple. It was GRAND! They really know how to bring their A game when it comes to serving kick ass breakfast. I think almost everyone who knows us knows how picky we are about breakfast, and we do take it pretty seriously; but one look at the beautiful roasted Ham and we know we are going to be defeated by that alone. J Here’s a picture of what went down that day, there were eggs, sausages, mushrooms, hash browns, cheese, ham, bacon, fresh fruits, juices, freshly baked croissants; the works. We were so full that we skipped lunch and ate dinner at around 11pm. #FoodComa

Our day was spent exploring the hotel. Climbing the 127 stairs that lead to the executive accommodation was one of the feats we accomplished. Here are a few pictures of the beautiful suites that you can check in to  and the lovely view of the Grand Hyatt Hotel–




This slideshow requires JavaScript.


It was time for dinner, and Grand Hyatt’s Celini was on our mind. Celini opens for dinner at 7:30pm. Funny story, we had been trying to get our hands on the Paan Ice Cream that’s available at Grand’s Hyatt’s Indian restaurant, Soma, for a really long time. We inquired at Soma, but their kitchen would close at 11:55pm. So, we wouldn’t have been done with dinner at Celini by then, so we told them, maybe another time.


photo 5

We ordered our meal and completely lost track of the time; it was about 12:30am by the time we had finished dinner. As we were leaving Celini, our waiter asked us… “I heard you wanted to have the Paan Ice-cream at Soma. Their kitchen’s closed for the day now, but would you like us to send you the Paan Ice-cream to your room?” We were impressed. The restaurant manager at Soma had probably spoken to the manager at Celini about the Ice-cream. That’s excellent customer service. So we made our way back to our room, only to find a big bowl of Paan Ice Cream garnished with gooey Gulkhand at our door soon after we got back. We loved it. It was perfect for our late night movie marathon.


At Celini we were left completely in awe of the décor. With paintings of moon dominating the interior, the cozy yet contemporary look makes for an ideal place for a romantic candlelit dinner. Known for it’s traditional Italian food with a modern twist, Celini tops as one of the best Italian restaurants in the city for us. The restaurant after operational hours transforms into an all night café. Here’s a gist of the meal we had.

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

Besides Celini and Soma, the China House restaurant and lounge has won over many hearts with their spectacular food, great ambience and music. Chef Hermann Grossbichler does an excellent job overseeing all the kitchens at Grand Hyatt and ensures that the quality and the variety of dishes available are better every season.

photo 2



We also had a really good meal at the Lobby Lounge. They have premium selection of Eau de Vie and Indian single estate teas. We tried the Herbal Infusion Egyptian Camomile Tea with Herbs and it was unbelievably relaxing. We also had the Spanish Garlic Prawns and the Baked Cannelloni stuffed with Spinach and Ricotta cheese; and it tasted nothing like we’ve ever had before. Very impressive.



A staycation is not complete without spending quality time at the spa. The Club Oasis Fitness centre & spa ensures that one is pampered and rejuvenated with their extensive range of relaxing treatments. The fitness centre is functional 24/7 and has the best equipment in the industry. The spa area includes beautiful spa suites, private showers, changing areas, steam and sauna rooms and whirlpool baths. They have various packages and some are exclusively for couples. We enjoyed 60 mins of pure bliss followed by some soothing ginger tea. We were transported to a place of complete tranquility.

Looking back at the time we spent at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai; I can only think of the lovely memories we made during our stay there. It’s a beautiful combination of excellent service, great food and warm people that would always bring us back. What truly touches your heart are the lil things, the attention to details, in everything they do that sets them a class apart. We love the spirit at Grand Hyatt and are happy to have experienced that first hand. Here’s to many more Grand memories at Grand Hyatt.

Koi Asian Dining & Bar


In the last few years the food scene in Goa has changed exponentially. We are so happy about it. Though there are ones who love the suzegaad culture and are happy with authentic Goan food, people now don’t hesitate to experiment with the plethora of cuisines that are readily available in every nook and corner.

We love Goan food, but to expect great South-East Asian and Japanese cuisine in a fine dine set up was exciting. Tucked away in a secluded spot off the Aguada-Siolim road is Koi, a stunning fine dining restaurant that gave us a glimpse of the kind of exclusive dining experiences that are taking Goa by storm. A menu that opens a spectrum of flavours rooted along the ancient silk route, Koi is definitely a restaurant to dine at when you want to be transported to a zen place away from buzzing Goa.

The decor is beautifully designed to match the vibrant food and the theme of the restaurant, as the name suggests is Koi, the chinese fish. As per Chinese tradition, it’s supposed to bring prosperity and good luck.



The menu at Koi is well curated; it had dishes that are carefully selected to give guests an exclusive variety of flavours along the asian silk route. Shefali Gandhi, the co-owner of the restaurant, had a lovely evening planned for us. The dishes they handpicked were not only impressive, but were different from one another in both flavor and texture. They had me with the Sushi; the variety in flavours blew our minds. What got us interested was the manner in which the menu was designed so that it’s convenient for the guests to order instead of the usual Soup, Appetiser, Main Course and Dessert. At Koi, they had Soups & Bowls, Small Plates; so that one can order a variety of food, Wok & Stir Fry, Large Plates and Curry Bar; for ones who love a side of rice, the Seafood Market; perfect for all seafood lovers, and Rice & Noodles.



We started off with Tuna Sashimi, Rainbow Sushi and Mushroom Trio Dumplings. The Tuna was fresh and was served on a bed of julienned vegetables with wasabi, pickled ginger and light soy. The dumplings were pretty nice, the wrap was not as refined as expected, but what won our hearts was the Rainbow Sushi. The combo of Tuna, Red Snapper, Salmon, Shrimp and Avocado served with spicy mayo and wasabi was simply irresistible. The platter was wiped clean in no time!


The next dish was pretty unusual. When Aziz Lalani, the co-owner, strongly recommended the Smoked Chilli Chicken, we had already painted a picture of what the dish would look like. Our jaws dropped when this speciality was served to us. Crispy crunchy chunks of chicken served on smokey roasted red chillies were truly a treat to our eyes and boy it got us salivating. We expected the chicken chunks to be super spicy but it had a lovely aroma of the smoked chillies as though it had absorbed all the smokey goodness of the roasted chillies while being tossed in it. We absolutely loved this creation. Two thumbs up.





We also loved the assortment of condiments that were placed at every table, each unique in flavour and color, vibrant, and adding to the dining experience. We were then served Koi Khowsuey, their interpretation of the Burmese Khowsuey. They brought huge a tray with bowls of the flavourful coconut broth with condiments. It had rice noodles, fried garlic and onion slices, peanuts, crunchy noodles, coriander, chillies, spring onions and chilli flakes among other crisps. It was wholesome, rich and delicious.



The Crispy Duck Rolls are something you’d wanna gorge on when you’re craving Peking Duck. It reminded us of the deep fried Duck Rolls we’ve had at Hakkasan; infact, we like this better. We also had some spicy and juicy Pork Ribs that were cooked to perfection.


The dishes on our tasting menu seemed never ending. Next up was something that was off the menu; only the regulars at Koi know that this dish is served at the restaurant. Asian Style Seared Duck Foie Gras. What a delight! Shefali knew our palates were craving for a fusion like this and she saved the best for last before the mains arrived. It’s a must have if you enjoy a good quality Duck Foie Gras.


For mains, we chose a mix of Malaysian and Thai flavours. Our favourite Prawn Thai Green Curry with Steamed Rice and the spicy Redang Daging (yay for the beef). It was perfect. We were very impressed with our meal at Koi. We absolutely had no complaints.



We were expecting our dessert when suddenly Shefali came to our table with a live crepe station! It was time for something sweet. To our surprise we were informed that she would be making it for us, right in front of our eyes. She said she was serving us Boozy Crepe Suzette with in-house coconut ice-cream. It was a lovely personal touch added to the evening. So apt for a romantic dinner where the couple is served dessert made exclusively for them; and the whole theatre that a flambé adds to the equation is something that most certainly impresses. We couldn’t wait to dig in and when we did, we enjoyed every bit of it.

Spending time with the owners of Koi gave us a clear idea on how they want to transform the culinary experience in Goa in their own unique way. The seating area outside looks beautiful in the evening. They’ve also got a theatre style Teppanyaki station that looked absolutely stunning. We could only imagine a full table with the Chef tossing food around. The ambience and decor are vibrant and comfy. The bar looked inviting, ready for people who want to have a great time. We highly recommend Koi to all those who take food very seriously and to those who are looking for some amazing food near in the Calangute area.

Tao 9

With fast-food joints and take-away restaurants booming all over the world, Bombay has witnessed its fair share in the food scene recently. Using mobile-based apps, websites and mobile phones to improve food service has sort of become a new trend. A friend told us about Tao9, an Asian food delivery outlet located in Lower Parel, and told us that they wanted us to try out their menu.

photo 5 (4)

Tao 9 is a delivery-only restaurant of that serves Chinese, Thai, Burmese and Indonesian food. They serve soups, dumplings, noodles, appetizers, rice and curries. They’ve also got the “Indie Favourites” which are all time favourites in Bombay, and low-calorie wok-boxes that are specially designed for weight watchers. Packed under 250kcal per portion, including controlled portions of rice with veggies or chicken. They’re aiming to satisfy your craving for Asian food by taking away the fear of putting on too much weight with a meal. We had the opportunity to try about a dozen or so dishes and here’s what we thought.

For dumplings, we had Chicken Coriander (Rs 149) and Shrimp Har Gao (Rs 199)

photo 5

photo 3 (2)

Both dumplings were made well, the wrapping was almost see through which reflected proper skill by the chef. We enjoyed the shrimp har gao more than the chicken coriander, as the chicken dumpling lacked seasoning. The packaging is good and it had kept the food warm.

For appetizers, we had Tai Chin Chicken (Rs 169) and Black Pepper Fish (Rs 189)

photo 5 (3)

It was flavourful, cooked to perfection, and laced with that perfect peppery kick. The portions were good too. The Tai Chin Chicken was chunks of chicken tossed in a spicy thick dry red sauce. I loved it, Joash however, prefers his food less spicy. It went well with the fried rice too. For mains, we had the Burnt Garlic Fried Rice (Rs 169) and Chicken Fried Rice (Rs 159) with Sambal Chicken (Rs 169) and Basa Kaffir Lime Leaf Curry (Rs 259). The fried rice was strictly OK, though loaded with egg and chicken. The burnt garlic flavor was not strong enough, even though it did have tiny pieces of deep-fried garlic in it. The Sambal Chicken was delicious, and the Basa Kaffir Lime Leaf Curry was very flavourful. The fish was cooked perfectly.

photo 2 (4)

We also tried Prawn Green Thai Curry with Steamed Rice (Rs 259) which is a classic combo. The Thai curry had a lot of veggies in it with plump prawns and it went really well with the steamed rice. We loved how the steamed rice was cooked, absolutely fluffy and beautiful.

To summarize, we really liked the size of each individual portion and Tao 9 truly has a wide variety of options to choose from. They even have the option to create your own wok box. Delivery is quick and efficient, and the packaging is practical. We did find it a little difficult to open each box as the lids were sealed too tightly. We definitely recommend this place to everyone who wants to binge on Asian food without worrying about the calories. You can also place an order through their website – Give it a try!


We decided to drop by Shiro to try their Dim Sum menu – The Shiro Collection. The festival that was on from 10th June to 7th July, 2015. We’ve been to Shiro a couple of times before and have loved the food.

photo 1

The ambience at Shiro is calm and soothing. The sound of the trickling water, the huge stone statues and the high ceiling adds to the whole Asian experience. Though we’d always talk about how the low lighting and the tomb raider feel of the restaurant, we have always had a nice time.

photo 4 (2)

The dim sum meal was accompanied with Chinese tea. They had four options – Green Long Ding, Jasmine Mandarin, Roses in Bloom, White Tea with Raspberry. As soon as I saw the menu, we wanted to try the White Tea with Raspberry because we love fruit flavoured tea, but were disappointed to know that it was not available. We chose to go with the Roses in Bloom tea instead. The flavour of this tea was really interesting. It had rose petals, licorice, fennel, aniseed, black and white pepper, and nutmeg. The first sip was refreshing. The tea was aromatic, and the flavour of each ingredient was so vivid, you could distinctly recognise it. But we thought it would overpower the mild dim sum flavours, so changed it to the Green Long Ding tea, as it’s mild and not complex.

For dim sum we chose – Crab meat Dumpling, Phoenix Eye Dumpling, Prawn Nest Dumpling, Prawn & Asparagus Dumpling, Chicken Shen Jian Bao, and Lobster with Laksa Sauce.

photo 5 (2)

We started off with the Phoenix Eye Dumpling. It looked like an eye as it was topped with an edamame bean on top of the opening of the dim sum wrapper. This was the best tasting dumpling of the night, we loved how fresh the prawns were and it had a certain bite to it. It was plump, juicy and flavourful.

photo 2 (4)

The Crabmeat dumpling was a huge letdown. It’s just disappointing when restaurants use faux meat. Not expected of Shiro.

photo 3 (4)

The Prawn & Asparagus Dumpling were nice. We loved the added texture the tender asparagus gave to the dish. The dumplings looked cute and were cooked really well.

photo 2 (3)

Then we tried the Chicken Shen Jian Bao, a pan fried bao, a speciality of Shanghai, which is usually filled with pork. These were topped with sesame seeds and fried chives. The chicken and onion filling was tender, it was beautifully cooked and tasted great.

photo 1 (5)

Before the waiter could get the next basket of dim sum, he informed us that they didn’t have lobster. We were a lil disappointed and chose to go with fish instead. The waiter got us the basket and there were two tiny fillets of Basa fish laced with Laksa sauce. It smelled wonderful and tasted insanely awesome. The flavours were spot on but we expected the portion to be at least twice as much.

We waited almost 45 mins for our next dim sum basket. The waiter comes to our table with two menus in his hand. He apologized for the delay and asked us to change our order. We were surprised and wondered what took him so long to inform us about it. He promptly smiled and said, his exact words were Sorry sir, can you please order something else besides the Nest Dumpling?. We asked why. “No, Sir. It’s not coming properly.” 🙂 We were obviously shocked to hear him say what he said, but were amused by his honesty. We changed the order and asked the waiter to get us another Phoenix Eye dumpling again.

photo 3 (5)

About 10 minutes later, the waiter surprised us and got us the Prawns Nest dumpling. It was worth the wait. The light crispy net like exterior and the soft prawn filling was delicious, and we wanted more. It was an awesome dumpling to end our dinner with.

The one thing that put us off was the extremely slow service. It was frustrating to have to keep asking the waiter to serve us more tea. We had to remind them over and over. It was also a let down to know that quite a few of the dim sums mentioned on the menu were not available. They didn’t have pork and lobster. The servers were talking too loudly, we even heard them grumble about another customer, call him names and giggle. That was not pleasant at all. The food and the ambience were great, but Shiro needs to seriously train their staff to be more professional, responsible and polite.


The Angrezi Pub

When we were invited to The Angrezi Pub we knew we’d be in for a great time. We had heard from friends that they served up some pretty decent finger food; so we really were looking forward to having a enjoyable Sunday evening.

photo 1

The ambience is that of a classic British pub with tufted sofas, and really cool décor with dim lights all over the pub. We didn’t expect the place to be this spacious. They had a really long bar which looked well stocked, and a separate lounge area with a pool table, for those who preferred spending an evening having a couple of drinks and playing pool. The volume on the speakers in the main area were turned up, and the band for the evening was busy setting up for their live performance. We were introduced to the owners, Anuradha Dangat and Chaitanya Manwatkar and the Manager – Operations, Atul Salve who then escorted us to our table. It was nice to see the table all set for us. We were looking forward to having a great night. A few minutes after we were seated, the band, called Bandstand, took over the stage area. We were handed a couple of menus, which were specially designed for us showcasing their best sellers.

photo 4 (2)

photo 3 (1)

We started off with a couple of cocktails, the Good Morning Angrezi (Rs 600), a fresh concoction made with vodka and cucumber and AJA (Rs 600) which had pineapple with a hint of lemongrass. This was served with a fun jar of Channa Masala (Rs 220), chana jor garam style. It sort of reminded us of the good old days of chana jor garam at Juhu beach; it was spicy, salty and sour.

photo 4 (1)

And then, the starters arrived. Crispy Thread Chicken (Rs 300), Golden Phyllo Bites (Rs 260), and Malai Broccoli Tandoori (Rs 280).

photo 1 (3)

The Crispy Thread Chicken lived upto our expectation; a lovely golden brown, and fried to perfection. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, the chicken was cooked well. We enjoyed it with the Schezwan sauce that was served with it.

photo 4 (3)

The Golden Phyllo Bites were a pleasant surprise. The phyllo pastry sheets were baked like mini open parcels that had mushroom and parmesan cheese. We loved the technique used, that made it so easy to eat. It was light, scrumptious and delicious. Definitely a must have.

photo 5 (3)

The Malai Broccoli Tandoori were a revelation. Wow! We were gob smacked by how broccoli florets were made to taste so yummy. They were grilled with the malai/cheese marinade and were slightly charred adding just the right amount of smokiness. They were cooked well, and were lipsmackingly good. We fell in love with broccoli and would have asked for another portion if we didn’t already have a lot of food coming our way. I can barely wait to try making this at home. It is one dish that shouldn’t be missed.

photo 3 (5)

photo 3 (8)

The night was young, and soon our next set of drinks made their way to our table. We had the Margarita (Rs 500) and a Bourbon based signature drink called 42-43 Degrees C (Rs 650). Another cocktail that was simply superb was the called the Watermelon Man (Rs 500); a drink made with watermelon juice and Bacardi Black. Loved it.

photo 2 (4)

We had the Chow Chow Prawns (Rs 460) and the Chicken Herbed Strips (Rs 310) next. The Chow Chow Prawns were butterflied prawns that were crumb fried, and topped with a chilli garlic and spring onion dry sauce. It was fresh and cooked really well. It was served with a spicy sauce that went well with it. This was our second favourite dish of the evening and we ended up asking for a second portion.

photo 2 (7)

The Chicken Herbed Strips were again a crumb fried dish. The chicken strips were mildly herbed and coated with breadcrumbs and fried. It was good in itself, served with a spicy mayo dip. I found it a tad too oily.

photo 4 (8)

We were almost full and didn’t want to get a sizzler, so we opted for the three-cheese pizza (Rs 450), topped with chicken, olive and onion. It was a thin crust pizza loaded with cheese. It was pretty decent but the starters we’d had before had already set a high benchmark for our taste buds.

photo 3 (7)

But we had an amazing time. The vibes, the energy and the liveliness of the pub would have anyone grooving. The music was fun, and the food was amazing, far exceeding our expectations. The manager mentioned the themes for each day of the week, including live bands, karaoke & DJ nights.

We highly recommend The Angrezi Pub if you’re looking to spend an evening with friends. They’ve got excellent food, good drinks and a great ambience.

Special thanks to @nuvofoodies for the invitation to review The Angrezi Pub.


Kurries & Burries – Café Mex-Asian

When we heard about Kurries & Burries, we were reluctant to eat there to be frank as I love Mexican food and Joash loves Chinese but we both don’t fancy veg versions of those two cuisines. But it all changed that one Sunday.

Tucked in one of the by lanes opposite Chowpatty, Kurries & Burries boasts of being the first of it’s kind to serve Asian and Mexican food under one roof. It didn’t take us long to find the restaurant. We were welcomed by Nilika Todi; and soon Mitul Todi, her husband joined us to give us some insight about the joint venture with his brother Kushal. Their concept was clear; vegetarian food with a twist. From the inception of their brand, to the idea behind their logo, he explained every aspect with enthusiasm. They had their business module in place, and knew what they wanted to serve their customers. He was frank about how this wasn’t a restaurant that served authentic Asian and Mexican cuisine, but rather one that focused on serving tasty and delicious ChinDian and TexMex vegetarian food.

Soon it was time for us to try what they had to offer. Mitul was incharge of recommending their best sellers; so to kick off the tasting session he served us the Mango Mocktail (Rs. 120) and Tender Berry (Rs. 110)

photo 1

We were blown away instantly. The mango mocktail was served with toasted cashewnut pieces and tasted divine. I’m not a mango fan, but fell in love with it instantly. The mocktail was made of mangoes, pineapple and milk. It was not overtly rich,but was creamy and mangoey. Tasted a lot like Mazaa. There were a lot of crushed cashewnuts used as a garnish, so we ended up getting cashewnuts with every sip.

photo 2

The second drink, the Tender Berry, was unique. After a few sips you would feel like you’re sipping on a milkshake made out of strawberry Fruitella. We don’t know how they add their twist in getting the taste right but we loved it and definitely recommend you try it.

photo 4

photo 2 (1)

Crackling Spinach with Paneer (Rs. 160). Though they claim that they are the only ones who serve this dish, Joash and I were reminded of Fat Kong’s at Santacruz West. We have had this combo there, but Kurries & Burries took us by surprise. The cubes of paneer that were evenly coated with the sauce were so moist and soft, and the deep fried spinach leaves were generously served and topped with toasted sesame seeds. The paneer they used were the malai paneer, and it was one of the most delicious paneer dishes we’ve sampled in a while. The spinach was not as crispy as promised, but the combination of the spicy sauce and cubes of paneer made it lipsmackingly good. The sesame seeds added to the texture of the dish.

photo 3 (2)

photo 5 (2)

We had the Mexican Mex-wich next. It was a Tortilla pocket, deep fried and stuffed with beans, paneer and nachos. It was doused with cheesy cheese sauce and served with sour cream and tomato salsa. Absolutely delicious. This was our favorite as we both loved the crunchy tortilla that was loaded with cheese.

photo 2 (3)

photo 1 (5)

The next dish was simply impressive. Mitul brought to a table a portion fir for 3-4 people, he served us the Burmese Khau Suey (Rs 220). The dish looked so beautiful with freshly steamed vegetables chopped in small pieces served with noodles and a side of coconut curry. It came with an array of condiments comprising deep fried onion and garlic, peanuts, spring onion, lemon wedges and chilli flakes. It was the first time that I saw Joash smiling at the sight of steamed vegetables. We couldn’t wait to dig in. The vegetables were cooked beautifully, it still had that needed crunch, and the coconut curry was tasty. The condiments enhanced the flavours of the dish. We were very pleased with the portion served too.

photo 2 (6)

photo 5 (9)

We also tried the Nachos with Cheese Sauce (Rs. 120) and Beans & Cheese Taco (Rs. 50). Both were strictly OK.  We had heard about the Big Daddy Burrito Challenge that Kurries & Burries have and were excited to try the miniature version of it. Wow! Don’t be deceived by the word “Miniature” in the Miniature Big Daddy Burrito (Rs. 220) as this burrito is BIG! We were so stuffed we ended up having just one bite. It had beans, rice, Kung Pao potatoes and was a mishmash of flavours that we had already tasted at Kurries & Burries. We also tried the Burnt Chilli Wok (Rs. 190) which was really spicy. For those who love the extra heat, this will not disappoint you!

photo 2 (9)

It was time for dessert! We chose the Grilled Chocolate Sandwich (Rs. 120). The sandwich was filled with thick gooey fudgy chocolate and generously garnished with chocolate shavings. It was a nice way to end our meal. We really enjoyed dining at Kurries & Burries. It is reasonably priced, and is value for money. The portions are very good and it’s apt for all those who want to snack on the go. Kurries & Burries may not be authentic with their dishes, but they serve delicious food packed with flavours that will leave you wanting more.