D’lecta Foods Pvt Ltd, Mumbai


It was a pleasant surprise when D’Lecta Foods invited us for a dessert workshop held to showcase their products. I am already a fan of their Cream Cheese, so trusting the brand was easy. I had completely stopped buying cheese slices that were manufactured in India; but when I tried D’lecta I was hooked on to it.



Chef Priya Dikshit, who is the Pastry Chef with D’Lecta, conducted the session. It was held at their headquarters, and it was interesting to find out that they had a fully functional test kitchen, where in addition to testing recipes, they also run cooking/baking classes for homemakers and small business owners.







During the workshop, we made a really delicious Eggless Baked Cheesecake, using D’lecta Cream Cheese, Dairy Crème and an egg replacer concentrate. We also made Baked Yoghurt, Black Forest Chocolate Cheesecake and Espresso Chocolate Mousse. Everyone at the workshop got aprons to wear that had the ‘Hum Bhi Chef’ logo. (Hum Bhi Chef is a platform under D’lecta where these cooking classes are held.) They’ve also got a Facebook page where users can share recipes and feedback about the brand. It was a fun experience whipping up all these yummy desserts. After the workshop ended, we were given a few of their products to take back home to try out. Some of the products that were given to us were Dairy Crème, Cream Cheese, Cheese Slices, Melto and a Nacho Cheese Dip. We hadn’t used D’lecta Melto and D’lecta Nacho Cheese Dip before.


Being fans of D’Lecta cheese slices, we had high expectations for D’lecta Melto. It has a really deep orange color like aged sharp Cheddar, but has a unique flavour that is new in the market. We made Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and it was unbelievable. We loved how quickly it melts and but still retains it’s gooey consistency. The cheese slices are pre-cut and packed in a tray sans the plastic sleeve so they tend to stick to each other. So don’t wait too long or bring the slices to room temp before you separate them.

You can also cut them into chunks, and add it to the pasta sauce to make it gooey and extra cheesy or enjoy it in Lasagna. I have already made plans to serve it with pineapple and cherry or olives the next time I have friends over. Melto will definitely go well in a nice juicy burger as well. Double cheese anyone? 🙂


The timing to use the next product was perfect as a family member was back from Israel and had got us Avocados. I love Avocados on toast, but since we had D’lecta’s Nacho Cheese Dip, I decided to quickly whip up make some Guacamole. This cheese dip is a great quick fix for party snack or a movie night. It’s bright orange in color and has this luscious gooey cheesy consistency. It has a hint of Jalapeno that went well with nacho chips. I would really love to pour it over a plate of Nachos, sprinkle some Chili Con Carne with onions, tomato, extra cheese and bake it till it’s melted and enjoy it as an evening snack.

I haven’t used the two packs of D’lecta cream cheese that they gave us yet, but I have a really good recipe in mind, so stay tuned for more. I use D’lecta Dairy Crème atleast a half dozen times a month for gravies and soups. It’s also great for making Chocolate Ganache.

D’lecta has definitely become a choice that every household should seriously consider, and we are eagerly waiting for their Natural Cheddar Cheese to hit stores.

It was interesting to know the variety of products they manufacture. From Milk Powders and Cheese Cake Topping to Premixes and Whipping Cream, D’Lecta even has India’s first automatic tea brewing machine called D’lecta Café. Thanks for having us over and giving us insight to your sub brands and products.

One thought on “D’lecta Foods Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

  1. Bharti says:

    Where can I find the full range of products , I don’t see this brand in the shops in bandra west . Where can one purchase these

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