Tuk Tuk Bistro, Andheri

Sawadeeka! Our love for Tuk Tuk Bistro continues. Since April this year, Tuk Tuk has managed to capture so many hearts with their delicious Thai cuisine. We’ve ordered from Tuk Tuk about a dozen times when we are with friends in Andheri and it has never disappointed. It was our pleasure to dine again at this cute lil restaurant to sample their new menu.


As you all know we love South East Asian cuisine, especially Thai food, so coming back to Tuk Tuk after all these months was exciting. We were looking forward to our meal even if there were just a couple of new additions to their menu.




We started off with the Mango Banana Float. It was thick and yummy. We loved the combo. For starters we tried the Paw Pia Pod – Veg Thai Fresh Spring Rolls (Rs 275) which was a Thai version of the famous Vietnamese delicacy. It was scrumptious. It had chopped vegetables with shitaake mushroom and glass noodles tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce. It was served with the classic sweet chilli sauce which made it taste really good.  We also tried a deep fried version of the spring roll which was also a Thai version of the classic spring roll called Paw PiaTodGai – Chicken Thai Spring Roll (Rs 295). The deep fried version definitely made it taste better than the fresh one. But the simplicity of the fresh spring rolls, and the fact that it is a healthier option will appeal to many Thai food lovers.


We couldn’t stop at just that and had to satiate our craving with their yummy Thai Green curry with Jasmine Rice. We absolutely enjoyed our meal. The Thai Curry is one of our favourites at Tuk Tuk.


For dessert, the Banana Fritters with Coconut Icecream just gave us another reason to head back to TukTuk at any point of time. It was superb. We chose to ignore the absence of coconut icecream but loved how the simple vanilla icecream was dusted with coconut powder. The banana fritters were crunchy and were tossed in honey and had specs of sesame seeds on them. It was also drizzled with chocolate sauce which completed the dish. We would go back just for this.

Tuk Tuk, the Thai Bistro is a cute lil restaurant aiming to showcase flavours of Thailand through their food and has its share of must haves. It is a great takeaway restaurant as well.

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