Viva Mexicana, Glass House, Hyatt Regency

With just a handful of Mexican restaurants in Mumbai, Mexican food hasn’t seemed to have gotten the attention it deserves. Though we have now grown close to liking Mexican food and know our Enchiladas and Quesadillas, we often feel that the flavours don’t seem to match up to authentic Mexican fare.

Hyatt Regency is one of our favourite hotels in Mumbai and we absolutely enjoy dining there. What we like about the brand is that they ensure that the authenticity is not lost during a food promotion. We were at Glass House to try #VivaMexicana, the Mexican Food Festival that started on the 20th November, 2015. They are featuring a Chef from Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek especially for this food festival. Chef Guillermo Favela, a Sous Chef from La Tablita, Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek managed to get our taste buds tingling and our mouths salivating with the robust Mexican flavours he created.

The Mexican Food Festival promotion is part of the buffet at Glass House and available for lunch and dinner. We tried the lunch buffet, and we left with happy tummies.



We started off with Quesadillas. Light flakey Tortillas, with the goodness of cheese, mushrooms and bell peppers, toasted to perfection. It was served with three dips; Guacamole, Salsa and Spicy Mayo. The Quesadillas were perfectly moist inside with gooey stringy melted cheese with the simple flavours of the veggies. What we found interesting was the Salsa sauce, it was different from what is usually slapped on with every Mexican dish served here. It had a lovely smokey flavour and had mashed tomatoes, clearly suggesting that the tomatoes were roasted just right. It was delicious.


Next was the Chicken Gordita. Unlike tacos; the Tortillas were thick and deep fried. Topped with a flavourful Chicken Chili Con Carne, cheese and garnished with micro greens. It was served with pickled onions that were beautifully spiced with my favourite, Habanero Chili. It had a fiery kick to it and went really well with the dish. They not only looked pretty but were insanely delicious. Do not miss this dish if you’re at Glass House.


We moved on to the buffet which had soups, salads, starters and mains with Mexican dishes like Fajitas, Ceviche, Refried Beans, Mexican Tomato Rice and Mexican Salads.




We absolutely enjoyed Crema Poblana – a sweet corn cream soup with Poblano pepper. It was rich and creamy and had everything you’d want in a warm cup of soup that leaves you smiling blissfully with glee. There were three kind of Fajitas; Vegetarian, Chicken and Prawns.  We loved the Prawn Fajita the most. Chef Favela then served us Salmon Ceviche, small chunks of Salmon carefully mixed together with lemon, cucumber and onion, garnished with cilantro and edible flowers. He finished it off with truffle oil. The Ceviche was delicious, well seasoned and fresh. We loved how pretty it looked.


It was time for dessert. We were glad to see Mexican desserts on display, some we had never heard of. We tried the Pastel de Elote – Corn Cake, Bunuelos – Crispy Dough with Piloncillo Syrup, Tamal de Chocolate – Steamed Chocolate Cake and Churros with Chocolate Sauce. We fell in love with Bunuelos, they were crispy, crunchy and the Piloncillo Sauce which is made out of brown sugar complimented the deep fried dough. Churros and the Chocolate Sauce cannot be missed, they were light and yum.

It was a great experience as we got to try so many Mexican dishes. Hyatt Regency always ensures that all their guests have a great time. The #VivaMexicana is on till the 1st of December and those who want to try authentic Mexican food should not miss it.

If you decide to dine at the Glass House, ​and would like to sample some of this remarkable Mexican fare, use ​voucher code GHCPL15 to avail a 15% discount​ ​on (food and soft beverages) for buffet at STAX. The lunch buffet is priced at Rs 1499 (exclusive of taxes) and the dinner buffet at Rs 1999 (exclusive of taxes).

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