Amaya Indian Grill & Kitchen

If you are looking to satiate your hunger for kebabs, then Amaya is a must visit. And if you do visit Amaya, DO NOT leave without having the “Hare Mirch aur Dhania ki Tikki”. It was so good that we ended our meals with that dish. We were glad to be a part of the Chef’s Table curated by Chef Kinny, who runs 212 cafe, Sichuan House and Amaya.

Amaya with its Gharana style of cooking looks to charm guests with a variety of kebabs, biryanis and curries. We had the opportunity of trying their signature offering with their absolute must haves, specially selected for us by Chef Kinny.

It was kinda unfortunate that Phoenix Market City, where this restaurant is located, had a power failure the day we were dining, but the food made up for it. We tried 8 kinds of Kebabs and 9 mains that evening. Here are our favourites –


The first being, the Hare Mirch aur Dhania ki Tikki (Rs 300). This won everyone’s heart at the table. These tikkis were made of cottage cheese, coriander and green chillies, deep fried and served with mint chutney. It had a crispy exterior and the onion in the filling added to the crunch. The simplicity of this dish and the chef’s creativity using simple ingredients made it really appealing. It left all of us wanting for more.

photo 1 (4)

The next kebab we loved were the Lehsooni Jheenga (Rs 550), freshwater prawns grilled with fresh roasted garlic. The magical combination of charcoal and garlic makes one weak in the knees and this kebab did just that. The prawns were beautifully cooked and this is one kebab you shouldn’t miss.

photo 2 (2)

The other kebab that won everyone over was the Peshawari Kumbh (Rs 300). These were button mushrooms stuffed with spiced cheese, cooked in clay pot. The Peshawari marinade and the stuffing made the mushrooms irresistible, they were perfectly cooked and were one of our favourite kebabs of the evening.

photo 4 (2)

photo 4 (6)

We also had the Noorani Seekh (Rs 275) and the Lamb Gilafi Seekh Kebab (Rs 350). The Tulsiani Paneer Tikka (Rs 315) was cottage cheese marinated in an unusual combination of basil and green chillies, cooked on skewers with tomatoes and onion. The basil certainly added freshness to the dish. The Hara Bhara Kebab (Rs 275) was OK and the chicken kebabs – Punjabi Lasooni Kebab (Rs 325) and the Pahadi Murgh Tikka (Rs 325) were good too.

For mains we absolutely loved the Subz Miloni (Rs 275), a wonderful mix vegetable dish that had fenugreek and spinach. The vegetables were finely chopped and cooked in a spinach gravy with fenugreek went superbly well with butter naan.

photo 1 (7)

photo 1 (5)

The Mutton Rogan Josh (Rs 400), the classic lamb curry, was excellent. The Paneer Ke Dulme (Rs 325) was also good as it had a subtle hint of fenugreek. The Dal Makhani (Rs 250) was rich and we had a couple of bowls full. The Kache Murgh ki Bhuni Biryani (Rs 325) was OK, we expected it to be fluffy and light.

photo 3 (6)

The dessert was a sweet surprise; we were served Kolkatta Meetha Paan ice cream (Rs 145) which completely overshadowed the Gulab Jamun (Rs 150). We have had Paan shots but tasting the same flavours in form of an ice cream was really interesting. We were kinda disappointed that we were served plain gulab jamun with rabdi as we expected the baked version to be different considering the way it was described on the menu. After we were done with our dessert, we all requested Chef Kinny to serve us a round of our favourite Hare Mirch aur Dhania ki Tikki to end our meal. It was a seriously impressive vegetarian kebab. 🙂

The power cut did hamper the flow of service. It was all good in the beginning but kinda went haywire when the mains were served. We reckon the staff were not prepared to serve a large table and many were left without tasting a few dishes. Amaya has a very calm and soothing ambience, which goes well with the kind of food they serve. The service staff however, need to be trained to be more attentive. We loved the dishes that were served and will definitely consider going back to Amaya to for another meal.

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