The Bayview, Marine Plaza

On the 18th of August, the Bayview  at Marine Plaza will include dishes that are inspired by Parsi cuisine in their dinner buffet. This will be an addition to their existing dinner buffet only for that day. We were invited for a special bloggers table that showcased some of the dishes.

photo 5

We got there at about 7:30 pm, menu scrolls were neatly arranged on the table for us. We were joined by the chef, who then took us through each item on the menu.

photo 4 (2)

Our meal started of with us being served Potato Fish Cakes. They were moist and well cooked, but lacked any sort of seafood or fish flavor. This had a lot to do with the fact that the chef had used Basa, which isn’t known for a distinctly fishy flavor. The egg in the fish cake coating was the dominant flavour instead.

photo 5 (3)

Next we were served Patras. These were deep fried Taro leaf rolls kissed with sesame seeds; they were sweet, sour and spicy. Patras are very similar to the popular Maharashtrian snack Alu Vadi.

photo (9)

The Laganshala Soup was kinda boring, it is originally made like a stew but the Chef wanted to change things up. Being a vegetarian stew with chunks of vegetables, the ingredients were blended and served as a soup. It was bland and unimpressive.

photo 3 (5)

The Farchas, deep fried Chicken were the most liked dish at the table. It was coated with corn flakes and fried crisp to perfection. It needed a dipping sauce though. I found it a bit too oily but it tasted yummy.

For mains we had Brown Rice with Prawn Patio and Papdi Mutter nu Shag. The prawn patio was a tomato based curry, served with fluffy brown rice. The rice was regular white rice but had a brown color because of the golden fried onions. The Papdi Mutter nu Shag was a flavourful vegetable dish, and I ended up enjoying it more than the prawn curry. For the remainder of our meal, we moved onto the regular Marine Plaza dinner buffet. All in all it was a good insight to what the chef had in store for the 18th of August. He doesn’t promise to serve authentic Parsi food, but a selection of dishes that are inspired by Parsi cuisine.

photo 1 (6)

photo 4 (4)

photo 3 (6)

For dessert we had a rendition of Laganu Custard. We loved the custard that was laced with caramel sauce. This version was dense and was topped with dry fruit.

photo 1 (7)
We found the service a bit too slow and the waiters were not attentive. We waited for nearly 20 mins to be served the Prawn Patio curry after the rice was served and the food was not portioned well. But we’re sure it will all be sorted on the 18th as they have been having this Parsi dinner buffet on Parsi New Year for years. The chef informed us that he will be including more Parsi dishes for those dining that evening. So head to Marine Plaza on the 18th of August, and have a fun time relishing some tasty Parsi fare.

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