Tao 9

With fast-food joints and take-away restaurants booming all over the world, Bombay has witnessed its fair share in the food scene recently. Using mobile-based apps, websites and mobile phones to improve food service has sort of become a new trend. A friend told us about Tao9, an Asian food delivery outlet located in Lower Parel, and told us that they wanted us to try out their menu.

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Tao 9 is a delivery-only restaurant of that serves Chinese, Thai, Burmese and Indonesian food. They serve soups, dumplings, noodles, appetizers, rice and curries. They’ve also got the “Indie Favourites” which are all time favourites in Bombay, and low-calorie wok-boxes that are specially designed for weight watchers. Packed under 250kcal per portion, including controlled portions of rice with veggies or chicken. They’re aiming to satisfy your craving for Asian food by taking away the fear of putting on too much weight with a meal. We had the opportunity to try about a dozen or so dishes and here’s what we thought.

For dumplings, we had Chicken Coriander (Rs 149) and Shrimp Har Gao (Rs 199)

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Both dumplings were made well, the wrapping was almost see through which reflected proper skill by the chef. We enjoyed the shrimp har gao more than the chicken coriander, as the chicken dumpling lacked seasoning. The packaging is good and it had kept the food warm.

For appetizers, we had Tai Chin Chicken (Rs 169) and Black Pepper Fish (Rs 189)

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It was flavourful, cooked to perfection, and laced with that perfect peppery kick. The portions were good too. The Tai Chin Chicken was chunks of chicken tossed in a spicy thick dry red sauce. I loved it, Joash however, prefers his food less spicy. It went well with the fried rice too. For mains, we had the Burnt Garlic Fried Rice (Rs 169) and Chicken Fried Rice (Rs 159) with Sambal Chicken (Rs 169) and Basa Kaffir Lime Leaf Curry (Rs 259). The fried rice was strictly OK, though loaded with egg and chicken. The burnt garlic flavor was not strong enough, even though it did have tiny pieces of deep-fried garlic in it. The Sambal Chicken was delicious, and the Basa Kaffir Lime Leaf Curry was very flavourful. The fish was cooked perfectly.

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We also tried Prawn Green Thai Curry with Steamed Rice (Rs 259) which is a classic combo. The Thai curry had a lot of veggies in it with plump prawns and it went really well with the steamed rice. We loved how the steamed rice was cooked, absolutely fluffy and beautiful.

To summarize, we really liked the size of each individual portion and Tao 9 truly has a wide variety of options to choose from. They even have the option to create your own wok box. Delivery is quick and efficient, and the packaging is practical. We did find it a little difficult to open each box as the lids were sealed too tightly. We definitely recommend this place to everyone who wants to binge on Asian food without worrying about the calories. You can also place an order through their website – www.tao9delivery.com Give it a try!

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