Roti Kapda Makaan

Quirky and fun as it sounds, Roti Kapda Makaan will make you smile the moment you walk into the store/cafe. The address mentioned on Zomato was a bit misleading, but we eventually managed to find our way.

The bright colorful space with big windows is lit by mostly by natural light making colours pop. Roti Kapda Makaan as the name suggests has Roti – vegetarian food, Kapda – a collection of t-shirts and scarves, and Makaan – a treasure chest of quirky collectibles! It’s a nice place to catch up with friends for lunch, or just enjoy a hot cuppa,while reading a book. They’re currently open from 11am to 7:30pm but are soon planning to stay open twice a week, for dinner, on Wednesdays & Fridays.

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We were greeted by the co-owner, Sneha Shah. She told us about the inception of Roti Kapda Makaan, their passion for food, and her love for quirky things. She recommended the absolute must haves and we couldn’t wait to try em out.

The menu was simple. They have a soup of the day, starters, mains that are called “A Jar Full of…”, dessert and drinks. We liked the idea of serving food in jars, and were looking to our meal.

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We started off with the Edible Spoons (Rs 220). These were 6 pieces of herbed cream cheese, pesto hummus and harissa hummus piped on to edible spoons garnished with olives. We loved how neat these looked, and also liked how it was served on a wooden board. While we enjoyed the herbed cream cheese and the harissa hummus, the pesto hummus was a bit too salty for our liking. The spoons were crispy, and it was fun starter.

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photo 1 (2)

We were then served the Baked Buns (Rs 199), 2 vadapav buns and 2 sundried tomato, corn and jalapeno buns. The vadapav buns were the most fun food we’ve had in a while. It was a bun with a vada filling, and inside, the bun had a lining of the trademark maharashtrian garlic chutney that vadapav is known for. It was served with a fresh coriander and mint chutney. Loved how the buns had a buttery sheen and an excellent crust that showed signs of good baking technique. The other bun was good too but we were blown away by the vadapav ones. We would have enjoyed it more had there been 3 buns each.

photo 2 (3)

The next dish we tried was the Lebanese Salad (Rs 255). This salad was served in a jar with layers of couscous, falafel and creamy hummus. It was fresh, light and delicious. We enjoyed digging into it. It was our first time having food served in a jar; it was fun. This salad is definitely a must have.

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Next we moved on to an unusual combo, Samosa Curry (Rs 270). It was a baked samosa served with a spicy coconut curry, and condiments; peanuts, spring onion and fried flat noodles. We liked the fact that the samosa was baked and not fried. It was something new, a combo that we had never tried before. The concept behind the dish is to keep it spicy but it needed a bit of acidity or sweetness. Personally, we would’ve loved it if the samosa was spicier and curry was a little sweeter; or if there were lemon wedges served with it to cut the monotonous spicy taste. The textures were great, and it is a good dish in itself but the flavours were a little boring.

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The Biryani (Rs 245). Spicy curried vegetables layered with long grain aromatic rice garnished with fried onion. It was flavourful and had all the traits of a good veg biryani. We liked that it was piping hot and that made us finish it off in minutes. Loved it.

photo 5 (6)

It was time for dessert, and we chose the Charlie’s Chocolate Jar (Rs 120) and the Red Velvet Jar (Rs 120). We found the Red Velvet Jar to be moist and served at just the right temperature. The Chocolate Jar was cold and the ganache was hard, making it difficult for us to enjoy it. We firmly believe that all chocolate dessert should be served a lil cooler than room temperature to heighten the flavour of the chocolate. Nonetheless it was a sweet end to a pleasant and fun meal.

The ambience is apt for a fun hangout and the food blends in very well with the quirky feel of the store. Service was prompt and quick. We really enjoyed the whole experience and recommend this place to anyone who wants to try some delicious food served in a fun way. The collectibles that are on sale at the store add to the appeal of the café. There are some quirky t-shirts and onesies for babies. Getting to this place might be a challenge, we entered from the ‘entry gate’ of the Ranghuvashi Mills compound, and it’s advisable to enter from this ‘exit gate’ as the café closer to the exit of the compound. Even though we had trouble find the place, the fun time we had at Roti Kapda Makaan made it worth it effort. We will definitely be back for more.


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