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We were invited to Out of the Blue, Bandra to be a part of Vinod Cookware’s first bloggers in early June. We were really excited to meet all our blogger friends, and were also very curious to know what was in store for us.

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It was interesting to hear about the history behind the Vinod Cookware brand. The team hosted the event really well, sharing as much as they could about the entire line of products. They emphasized how cooking healthy, is a must for today’s modern hectic lifestyle. I cook, so I know how picky I get when it comes to using the utensils that are I use. I have my favourite heavy bottom pan and one non-stick pan that I always count on – both by Vinod Cookware.

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The reason why I like their products is it eases out the cooking process. From heating evenly,to cooking faster than a regular pan, this range proves to be a working individual’s best friend in the kitchen.

At the event we were informed about the following products –


Nowadays everyone strives to be healthy so introducing healthy eating habits to cooking healthy has become a priority. Vinod’s Vito Health Cookware helps you enjoy your meal with waterless and oil free cooking.


Here are a few key features –

  • Ensuring the safety of the chef, the cookware is designed with ergonomic handles for chef’s convenience and also now no burns or chatkas while you hold for stirring, serving or cooking.
  • The considerably heavy lid stays cooler while on the pot and also ensures no nutrient loss – it builds the water seal, which guarantees the nutrients stay in the pot.
  • Its 18/8 stainless steel pot body always remains cooler than the pot bottom and enables water vapour condensation keeping the food value richer!
  • An ergonomic series of cookware, which includes a Sauce Pan, Sauce Pot, Fry Pan and the Health Skillet – Vito Health focuses on waterless and fatfree cooking, a perfect solution for several families’ worries about hypertension and cholesterol.
  • The complete range of intelligent, world-class companions for the urban kitchen range starts from Rs 3,407/- to Rs 5,145/- making it worth a steal.


These are myfavourite! Keeping in mind tat there’s a lot of time that goes into cooking Indian food, VinodCookware has their Signature Cookware range that ensures quick cooking and serving, letting you complete the chore in no time.


Here are a few key features –

  • The signature range is classically styled and polished with stainless steel exterior and asatin finished interior including a variety of products for the smart Indian kitchens namely Saucepan, Saucepot, &Kadai.
  • The most significant feature of ‘Signature’ is its tri-ply structure. The inner surface of Signature being layered with the superior Food Grade 18/8 stainless steel that imparts the durability to the vessel and also hygienic cooking. The outer surface crafted with SS 430 magnetic stainless steel supports Induction cooking and also prevents hot spots in conventional cooking.
  • The encapsulated second layer is made of high conductive aluminium with which maximizes even spreading of heat for better cooking and also minimizes sticking and stirring.
  • Its stainless steel riveted cool touch handles and knobs are heat proof that prevents burning of hands while operating it.
  • Designed for the Indian Kitchens, it is convenient for the storage capacity, wherein you can stack the vessels one above the other that makes your kitchen organized and clutter free.
  • Making it the most significant cookware it reduces the time of cooking by almost 20% and making cooking an enhanced and interesting experience for every Indian kitchen.
  • The stylishly crafted ‘Signature’ range is priced affordably at Rs.1, 880/- to Rs. 2,590/-, a complete must have for Indian Kitchens.


While you revamp your traditional kitchen with contemporary style,Vinodalso has its sleek and stylish range of Black Pearl Cookware. The hard anodized cookware looks really neat and has features that will definitely add zing to your kitchen.

IMG-20150608-WA0114 - Copy

Here are a few key features –

  • It includes variety of products namely saucepan, handi , deep fry pan , kadai, tawa, tadka pan, all-purpose pan, cook and serve pots with glass vent lids.
  • The isstick resistant feature naturally repels the stickiest food letting youcook without any hassle.
  • The non – porous base which enables it to resist sticking without letting thefood to get burnt or over cooked.
  • No matter what you prepare the even heat distribution allows you to cooktill perfection without leaving the food uncooked.
  • The isstick resistant feature and the non- porous base increases the durability of the product lending it a longer life span which is acceptable in Indian home.
  • Keeping the traditional cooking and cleaning in mind the tough body of black pearl is resistant to brasive pads and doesn’t corrode or rust with tamarind or acidic food.
  • Black Pearl range also promises adroit cooking on all types of cooking mediums – be it induction cook top, gas stove or any other.
  • The 3 piece combo set of ‘Black Pearl’ range priced affordably at Rs.2,500/- with 5 Years of guarantee, is a perfect gifting companion to every Indian Home.

They also showcased the beautiful Tuscany style Induction friendly pans which had glass lids, the Splendid Plus pressure cooker, the Zest Inducto Plus and their Stainless Steel range. You may log on to for detailed info on all their products.


We had a great time hearing about their line of products, we even had a quick fire quiz about food which was conducted by Vidhi Shah of Synapse PR. There were a lot of hits, and a few misses. All in all, it was a fun Sunday afternoon. And our excitement doubled when we were handed a 3 pc set combo set of Black Pearl Hard Anodised pans. I haven’t started using them yet, but looking forward to doing so soon.

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