Let’s Chef

Let’s Chef is a Meal Kit delivery service.

STEP 1: You Select a Recipe.

STEP 2: They send you the ingredients in the form of a ‘kit’.

STEP 3: You cook & enjoy!

Let’s Chef makes cooking gourmet food fun and easy. I recently had an opportunity to try out one of their recipe kits, and boy did I have fun. I chose the Chicken Stroganoff meal kit.

photo 1

I was happy to see the kit when it arrived. Every ingredient was packaged well, with labels, so even a beginner or someone with very little cooking experience would find it easy to identify each ingredient.

The first thing I did was open each pack/bottle to check if it was fresh, and they were, as promised. Included in each kit, is the recipe of the dish that you have selected with the method explained in short steps. So all you need to do is simply follow the recipe.

The recipe kit had chicken, mushrooms, onion and capsicum with a few other ingredients for the dish. I cut the vegetables and the chicken based on the instructions and got my mise en place ready.

photo 2

Having a mise en place ready is the first thing I do before I start cooking any dish. That was one of the things I liked about this concept, because with the Let’s Chef Recipe Kit, when you want to cook a quick meal, you don’t have to worry about measurements.

Before I started, I thought I’d read the recipe sheet to get a fair idea of their method of how this dish was made. I was shocked to find a page missing. I quickly got in touch with them and they responded promptly with a soft copy via email.

photo (9)

After that it was smooth sailing,and I just had to empty the ingredients out of the container as per the instructions. I also made hand rolled Fettuccine to go with the Stroganoff.

photo 3 (2)

The cooking process was fun, and I totally enjoyed making this dish. It tasted great too. You should definitely try Let’s Chef as it’s perfect for beginners who want to try something new, but don’t know how to start. It also is great for those who want to woo a loved one with a fancy meal on a special occasion. I bet this would be an awesome surprise, as Let’s Chef has a variety of Chef-designed recipes that leave you with a restaurant quality meal and an experience that you can cherish forever.


Log on to www.letschef.in for more details.

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