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Whenever I find myself craving steak, I immediately end up thinking of just one restaurant – Indigo Deli. One of the few restaurants who truly understand the words “medium rare”. They also happen to serve some of the best sandwiches in the city. I was excited to be invited to try out the preview of the new Indigo menu.

It was called the “The Community Table at the Deli”. The concept is interesting, an unlimited 5 course lunch menu for a group of 6-12 people at Rs 899 + taxes, per person from Monday to Friday. The menu comprises of a non alcoholic pitcher, a soup from the Day Specials Menu, a choice of two salads, a pizza, two mains and any two desserts from the menu.

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The ambience at the Deli has always been warm and cozy, and I was happy to see the way the “Community Table” was set when I got there. With fresh flowers and candles as centre pieces, it looked absolutely lovely. The warm bread basket that is served with butter always wins my heart with how well it’s made, the bread is always fresh, warm soft crumb with a beautiful golden brown crust.

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I was excited to try the Virgin Sangria, but was let down as it was nothing but iced tea with chopped apple pieces. The Green Apple and Cinnamon Iced Tea was also not up to my liking as the cinnamon flavor completely overpowered the drink. For me the Orange and Sweet Lime Mojito was clearly the winner as it was simple, citrusy and true to its name. The Watermelon and Basil Mojito was also a hit at the table. I didn’t want to experiment and stuck to the same drink throughout the evening.

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We were then served the Creamy Potato Soup with Garlic Chive Pistou with a side of bacon for the non-vegetarians. Pistou is actually a condiment, and in this case it was made of garlic chive and should’ve been served on the creamy potato soup instead of being mixed in it. I am not going to question the technique involved in making this soup, but for me, it was just a plain creamy potato soup with chives in it. The bacon definitely helped. My final thoughts on the soup; meh.

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Then came the salads. We chose the Panzanella, Caesar and Grilled Vegetable Salad. The Grilled Vegetable Salad was delicious and stood out compared to the other two as the honey mustard dressing went really well with the grilled vegetables.

I was still waiting though, for something from the new menu, to blow me away in true Indigo fashion. But it was a mediocre ride as far as the food was concerned so far. And then the pizzas arrived.

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I have never really liked thin crust pizzas, but now, I am a fan. The “Wafer-thin pizzas” were simply superb, airy and light. We tried Sundried Tomato, Olives and Capers/Creamy Mushroom and Spinach in Veg and Spanish Chorizo/BBQ Chicken and Cheddar. The Spanish Chorizo and the Mushroom and Spinach pizza were my favorite. You can never go wrong with meat at Indigo and quality of the chorizo stood out exceptionally, the combination of mushroom and creamed Spinach (my first) on a pizza was brilliant.

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From the mains, I loved the Risotto of Braised Fennel, Cherry Tomato and Saffron with Anise Butter and the Onion seed crusted Norwegian Salmon with Fenugreek Pilaf, Buttered Beans and Chili Oil.

The Braised Fennel, Cherry Tomato and Saffron Risotto was served with dollops of anise butter, it was rich creamy and cooked al dente. Just perfect. The Onion seed crusted Norwegian Salmon with Fenugreek Pilaf was interesting and delicious but there was no uniformity in thickness of the fillets. Taking into consideration that when uneven pieces of fish are cooked together, some pieces are bound to be overcooked. Fortunately, the one I picked was moist and slightly pink in the centre, just the way I like it. The Sea Salt Grilled Chicken that was garnished with fresh Rosemary served with Red Wine Jus, Mashed Potatoes and Roasted Vegetables was also a hit at the table. Pasta lovers also enjoyed the Fusilli that was made in Pesto cream and the Farfalle with a three-mushroom ragout.

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We were overwhelmed with the variety and the portions of each dish that was served, yet we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the dessert. We were served the Chocolate Ganache Cake, Cream Cheese Brownie, Hazelnut Mousse Cake and Baked Blueberry Cheesecake. In ice-creams, we were served the Belgium Chocolate, Blueberry and Mint, Rum and Raisin and Strawberry Cheesecake.

I loved the Hazelnut Mousse Cake the most as it was airy and light, topped with hazelnut praline and served on caramel. The Cream Cheese Brownie was a bit hard for my liking. The Baked Blueberry Cheesecake was not impressive and the Chocolate Ganache Cake was cold, I would’ve enjoyed it more if it was served at room temperature. I absolutely loved the Belgium Chocolate ice-cream, it was rich and a little bitter. Everyone loved the Strawberry Cheesecake ice-cream.

I had a lot of fun catching up with everyone over dinner. I would also like to thank the staff for their excellent service especially Wilander for taking really good care of us.

This menu is currently available at their Ghatkopar, Malad and Bandra outlets. It’s definitely a good option for those special team lunches and kitty parties or even just a bunch of friends looking to hang out over good food.

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